My workout this morning was definitely a perfect example of why I commit to pushing play no matter what 

I was ready to go, had put all the things in place to just push play but I wasn’t feeling it at all.

 I don’t care how long you been working out, even if you love working out, every single one of us have days when we do not want to do it.

The only difference between those that succeed and those that fail though is that to succeed you push play every single day. You commit to sticking with the program and doing it no matter what life throws at you. You do it because you’re doing it for yourself, to make yourself feel better, to make you stronger, to have more energy 

And then the best part of pushing play happens every single time… the mood you started in is not the mood you end with! When it is all said and done, and the endorphins kick in, and you know you’ve accomplished what you set out to do for the day it changes the rest of the day for you 

So remember everyone, and I do mean everyone, has days when they don’t want to do it but if you want to succeed you do it anyway