Why, oh I’ll never understand, why someone would pick a diet to cut out carbs and not enjoy a treat every so often too!

#1 – That kind of diet is NOT realistic or sustainable long term!!!!

#2 – Carbs are an important part of our diets and give us important vitamins and nutrients!!!!

#3 and maybe most importantly… Really, do you really want to give up cookies????

This is why I LOVE my nutrition plan! We don’t give up carbs, we eat healthy, eat clean, but also enjoy a treat from time to time and STILL get amazing results!!!

Nutrition is 80% of the battle, why would you deprive yourself??? I know I never will and I would love to teach you all about how…

Workouts + nutrition + support every step of the way = SUCCESS time and time and time againĀ 

Remember I’m always just a comment or private message away if you ever want to talk about changing your lifeĀ