2 years! I waited 2 whole years before I added spinach to my Shakeology! 😱

I’m not sure how many people know this but I am actually fairly picky (ok maybe pretty picky)… nowhere near what I used to be when I was younger mind you but still technically picky 😜

So when everyone kept telling me I should add spinach because, “you can’t taste it,” I just kept ignoring them because it sounded disgusting to me 😝. I finally got the courage up today to mix it in and guess what???

They were correct… you can’t taste it!!! Not even one little bit!

Happy dance 💃 time because now I can get an extra veggie into my daily Shake when I need it… Woot- Woot!

Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone doesn’t just relate to workouts 😜🤗