Shannon’s “Must Haves” for success

22 Minute Hard Corps

Only 22 minutes!  I’m busy, crazy busy, and I get in and out in 22 minutes!  Cardio!  Resistance!  High intensity!  My absolute most  favorite workout, ever!  I sweat, I get up to cardio levels in the resistance routine and I burn calories all day long by working smart and working hard for only 22 minutes! This one is the full challenge pack with Energize, Recover and Body on Demand all included.

21 Day Fix Extreme

The program that got me going!  I love this one!  30-minute workouts, a different one each day of the week!  Cardio, Resistance, Pilates, Yoga and more!  This program is exactly what I followed, to the letter, to loose 18 inches in less than 3 months!  My go-to when I’m between programs!

Energize and Recover

I received my first order of this 1 week into 22 Minute Hard Corps and I couldn’t believe how much it helped me during these intense workouts!  Energize gives me that extra “umph” I need to help me push harder and focus longer during the workout and Recover gives me a yummy chocolate treat after my workout that helps my muscles recover from my intense workout!  It is a perfect combination!

Team Beach Body (Body on Demand)

By having this you can set goals and track them!  You can get nutrition help and meal ideas!  One-on-One support from me as your coach!  Streaming access to 100’s of workouts… including any programs you’ve purchased… so you can workout anywhere!  Best of all… it’s completely, 100% free for the first 30 days!

Featured Products:

21 Day Fix

When you are ready to commit but are just starting out, this is the one for you!


Contains over 70 healthy ingredients in 7 different flavors, including 2 vegan!  My favorite is the Greenberry… yummy 🙂

Hammer and Chisel

When you want to get lean and strong, with both cardio and some added weights, this is the program for you.

Beachbody Performance

When you are looking to really go to the next level and get all that you can get out of your workouts, you may want to consider the full Performance line!

More Amazing Products: 

Beachbody Challenge Packs

You pick your program, get a challenge pack, and join the Fun, Fit and Strong team to reach your goals!

Insanity Max 30

Only 30 minutes a day! Cardio, cardio and more cardio!!! It’s fun! It’s intense! Best of all… it has a modifier track… you always see the modifier, always!!!


The muscle sculpting of pilates, flexibility of yoga, non stop low impact fluid movement with a modifier for every move!

3-Day Refresh

Want to kick start your metabolism? Eliminate the bad stuff and create new habits? 3-Day Refresh might be just what you’re looking for!


Do you like to dance? What if you could burn up to 400 calories while dancing for 30 minutes?


A Classic, revamped so time is no longer an issue! 30 minutes to get ripped is all you need! I love 30 minute workouts!

Fun, Fit and Strong

If you are willing to commit, to make your success non-negociable, Team Fun, Fit and Strong will help you every step of the way!  Pick a program or programs from above or click “Join Us Today” to pick from many, many other options and let us know so we can challenge and encourage each other on our journeys.

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